Pulp and Paper Canada



Anyone who has worked in pulp and paper mills or associated industries for at least 25 years as of January 1, 2023. Retired professionals who have worked for the requisite time period are eligible to be nominated.

Equipment and technology suppliers are welcome to participate. Nominees must work in, or supply goods for, the Canadian pulp and paper industry for an operation based in Canada.

Anecdotes and support from multiple colleagues are welcome.


Eligible pulp and paper workers are nominated by their colleagues and should:

  1. Demonstrate a strong work ethic
  2. Show leadership and initiative
  3. Have a demonstrated history of involvement in projects that achieved results or otherwise made an impact
  4. Actively seek new opportunities for lifelong learning for themselves and their peers
  5. Be involved in industry associations, company committees and/or share industry knowledge among their peers and younger staff
  6. Be committed to safe, sustainable and/or innovative practices in the industry