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Employee training at Resolute connects the company to its ESG Goals

August 22, 2023  By P&PC Staff

Resolute is reportedly using training to engage and inform the company leadership, as well as employees at every level about the risks and opportunities posed by sustainability and stewardship.

It is the company’s belief that training helps build a culture of transparency and accountability and that these initiatives will reflect positively in its environment, social and governance (ESG) reporting.

Over the last 18 months, Resolute provided training for company leaders and employees to acquire essential skills for adhering to ESG best practices and to promote a culture built around sustainability. Most notably, 100 percent of the executive team, corporate environmental managers and sustainability committee members were trained on the principles and standards of ESG disclosure – a total of 50 individuals.


Guided by the company’s Environmental Policy, Resolute’s environment coordinators and facility managers have on-the-ground responsibility for compliance with local laws and regulations and for facilitating continuous improvement. The company trained 184 of its employees, including directors and managers, on environmental management and compliance. Training took place via virtual sessions led by its Legal Services team.

Resolute also trained over 1,000 employees on its proactive approach to safety in the workplace. Sessions focused on its three proactive safety pillars, as outlined in the company’s Health and Safety Policy Statement, along with a comprehensive hierarchy of risk controls.

Worker respect is another area of Resolute’s social focus. The company sensitized all new employees on workplace respect and civility and extended this training to all managers and the entire executive team.

The structures, policies and rules about how employees conduct themselves reportedly form the heart of Resolute’s ESG work. The company trained 100 percent of its new employees and 98 percent of its salaried employees on its Code of Business Conduct.

The company also requires that 100 percent of its employees are trained on its IT Security Policy, and when it is required, that they complete online training courses specific to their fields, such as finance, health and safety, as well as environmental and risk management.

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