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News (April 01, 2002)

WATER TREATMENT: ODOUR ELIMINATORMONTREAL, QC -- USFilter's Davis Products developed Bioxide/Biaoxide-AQ to eliminate odour, corrosion and safety problems associated with hydrogen sulfide in wastewate...

April 1, 2002  By Pulp & Paper Canada


MONTREAL, QC — USFilter’s Davis Products developed Bioxide/Biaoxide-AQ to eliminate odour, corrosion and safety problems associated with hydrogen sulfide in wastewater treatment areas.

Bioxide achieves odour control biologically and contains no hazardous substances, It is an effective solution for dewatered biosolids/sludge odour control, and prevents the dispersion of potentially corrosive hydrogen sulfide gas into control rooms, MCC rooms and fresh air intakes.


By mixing the product with the biosolids prior to storage, the remaining bacteria in the biosolids pile are provided with an alternate energy source that prevents the generation of hydrogen sulfide. In the biosolids pile, other odorous sulfur compounds such as mercaptans and organic sulfides can also contribute to the odour problems. The biological environment created by Bioxide/Bioxide-AQ will effectively remove these problem compounds as well.

Treated biosolids can be incorporated into materials for compost, land applied or used for fuel stock.


MONTREAL, QC — Every Comer headbox is custom designed to meet specific customer applications. Each headbox structure is calculated by using finite element analysis. An all stainless steel construction ensures the longevity, durability and reliability of every Comer headbox.

Comer technicians can upgrade a conventional hydraulic installation to a dilution CD control model with minimal downtime. Optimum results are reached in CD basis weight profile and operational stability with a customized dilution CD control upgrade.


WAKE FOREST, NC — Weavexx recently introduced OpenDOOR, a new process to help papermakers produce paper at a lower cost per ton.

OpenDOOR literally stands for Defining Objectives, Optimizing Results. With OpenDOOR customers tell Weavexx the quality and economic cost drivers for a specific machine and Weavexx will help lock in the ideal set-up to meet those objectives. For this and all future evaluations and refinements, the information is easily accessible on a secure Internet connection.


WILMINGTON, MA — Peristaltic pump-manufacturer Watson-Marlow Bredel offers SPX pump that reliably handles the abrasive chemicals and solids common in pulp and paper processing, with minimal maintenance required.

Advance hose technology enables the SPX to pump harsh materials such as glue, clay slurry, pigment, talcum suspension, coatings, natrium aluminate, ink, black liquor soap and lime slurry. The SPX peristaltic hose pump is virtually maintenance-free, with no expensive seals to replace, no check valves to clog and no rotors and stators to wear out. With the self-loading design, replacement is quick and easy.

Unlike other pumps, highly abrasive chemicals, solids and slurries do not affect pump life. SPX is ideal for rigorous pulp and paper applications.


GRAZ, AUSTRIA — Andritz will supply Boise Cascade’s No. 3 recovery boiler at its pulp mill in Wallula, WA with major equipment consisting of an economizer, boiler bank retubing, superhearters, lower furnace wall panels, air system and auxiliary equipment. The system is scheduled to be operational in the second quarter of 2003.


VASTERAS, SWEDEN — ABB introduces Millmate Controller 400 to handle all combinations of ABB’s web tension load cells.

The MC400 controller communicates with several other control units via a local Ethernet TCP/IP connection. There is also a high-speed field bus option, Profibus.

MC400 can handle up to four pairs of load cells, an advantage in coater machines, where several tensions are usually installed. The Human-Machine-Interface has a user-friendly design, is easy to work with, and presents the information in an easy way on the display in plain language.

There is also a built-in self-diagnostics function providing continuous supervision of the web measurement systems.

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