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Resolute shares facts and figures that drive its sustainability work

June 23, 2023  By P&PC Staff

Image: Resolute

Resolute shared in a recent statement that an impactful ESG strategy creates positive social and environmental impacts while ensuring business is conducted with integrity. Resolute’s business and sustainability strategies have been expressly developed to align its efforts in environmental stewardship and social responsibility with its business objectives. The company’s governance focus is on ensuring all aspects of its operations are conducted with accountability and transparency.

“Who Cares Wins” was the title of the 2004 United Nations report that first introduced the term ESG – environmental, social and governance – the three components on which a company’s sustainability work can be assessed. Since then, employees, investors, customers and a range of other stakeholders have been paying increased attention to these as indicators of an organization’s health, explains Resolute.

ESG reporting plays an important role in providing a comprehensive overview of Resolute’s past achievements and future direction. The company has been reporting on its sustainability performance regularly since 2011. In 2022, it established longer-term ESG targets to complement its annual targets and other ongoing commitments. The following three leaflets are the latest addition to its sustainability reporting program:

  • ESG at Resolute offers a high-level summary of the company’s sustainability strategy as well as ESG commitments, targets and performance, which ensure all aspects of Resolute’s business are conducted with integrity and transparency.
  • ESG by the Numbers is a comprehensive facts and figures summary that uses sustainability accounting standards and ESG rating systems to organize key information.
  • Public Commitments is a report card of sorts. It offers a detailed overview of our 2022 targets, a score of how Resolute performed on each of these, as well as what goal it has set for each target for 2023 and beyond.

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