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Two Sides develops paper-based packaging fact book

January 11, 2021  By P&PC Staff

Two Sides North America has produced a new booklet on the sustainability of paper-based packaging that companies can use to send to clients and consumers.

“Paper Packaging – The Natural Choice” covers seven reasons why paper-based packaging is suitable for brands, retailers and consumers, and offers a range of supporting facts from credible third-party sources. Topics include environmental and social benefits, recyclability, climate change and consumer preferences.

Two Sides members are permitted to co-brand the booklet with their company logos to supplement their own sustainability communications.


A print-ready version of the booklet, along with co-branding instructions, can be found in the general resources folder on Two Sides’ members-only website portal. For help accessing the members-only portal, contact info@twosidesna.org.

Download the “Paper Packaging: The Natural Choice” booklet here.

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