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Valmet launches new calender roll covers

February 2, 2024  By P&PC Staff

Photo: Valmet

Valmet is launching two new calender roll covers to extend its roll cover selection.

In the new Valmet Calender Roll Covers CL-W and CL-S, the highest wear resistance has been combined with the best load-speed durability and impact resistance, shares the company. Due to the improvements in material technology, these covers give the longest regrinding intervals under the most difficult calendering conditions in soft and multinip calenders. In addition to graphical papers, they are suitable for specialty papers, as well as container and packaging boards.

The company notes in a press statement that choosing Valmet Calender Roll Cover CL-W or CL-S leads to cost savings due to longer calender roll run times, leading to less roll change and grinding costs. The overall cost is also lower due to the improved cover lifetime. The wear-resistant CL-W offers the potential for opening barring or shut down interval-related production bottlenecks. CL-S can improve product bulk, thus, allowing savings in fibre costs. These reportedly allow better time and material efficiency for production.


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