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Voith releases OnQuality 4.0, its latest quality control tool for paper mills

June 6, 2022  By Sukanya Ray Ghosh

Voith's OnQuality 4.0 allows users to access analyses, dashboards and reports on smartphones and tablets. (Photo: Voith)

Voith has launched OnQuality4.0, a quality control system and its latest digitalization tool offering for paper mills.

The new system consists of important elements required for quality measurement and control. These include a secure cloud solution with many analysis tools and functions, virtual sensors for online and real-time measurement and location- and time-independent technology consulting. In mills that already have Voith OnQuality systems, the company can upgrade the OnQuality 4.0 system modularly.

OnQuality 4.0 uses virtual sensors to overcome the limitations of physical online sensor technology. Using artificial intelligence, the virtual sensors continuously and in real-time predict quality parameters such as tensile strength, stiffness and softness.


The cloud platform collects and stores all relevant production and quality data. It enables users to perform in-depth analyses through personalized dashboards. With a few clicks, users can create profile charts, colour maps, maintenance cockpits, trends and reports. They can then view them on mobile devices. OnQuality 4.0 directly shows deviations from the critical target quality.

The OnPerformance.Lab (OPL) remote service center’s experts offer round-the-clock support for real-time emergencies. Tailor-made optimization measures are carried out together with the customer, such as for MD and CD controls and grade change processes.

Voith has planned further optimizations for the future. It is currently working on OnQuality.Scanner concepts. Voith is developing these concepts as part of its Papermaking Vision design study.

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