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Sustana strategically rebrands as a clean materials company

January 16, 2024  By P&PC Staff

Sustana is rebranding its subsidiary companies including Sustana Fiber, Rolland, and Hanna Paper under the united Sustana umbrella. The company shares that this is a strategic move to streamline its operations and enhance its commitment to sustainability.

Fabian de Armas, chairman and CEO of Sustana, expressed his enthusiasm for the rebrand in a press statement, noting, “This strategic move marks a significant milestone in our journey toward a more circular and nature-positive future. By uniting our business units under the Sustana brand, we are creating a stronger, more united company around our shared purpose – to make sustainability an ingredient in everyday products.”

Aaron Ling, director of sustainability at Sustana, highlighted the company’s ambition to drive the clean materials and methods movement forward. “A more sustainable future isn’t possible unless materials adopt more eco-friendly practices. Sustana’s mission is to develop sustainable solutions with clean materials and a circular mindset. Through innovation and collaboration, we can show that it’s possible to produce high-quality, fibre-based materials while minimizing waste, preserving natural resources, and protecting biodiversity.”


De Armas shared how the rebrand positions Sustana as a provider of holistic, sustainable fibre-based solutions and services. “From waste prevention to sourcing alternative fibre to paper production, we embrace a circular mindset at every step. We believe this will draw and invite prospects and partners who are committed to delivering a more sustainable future. It’s about creating a shared vision that aligns us toward a common goal.”

Ling added, “This rebrand is about inspiring action. Sustana doesn’t just promote sustainability; we practice it. We apply that principle to every point in the sustainability journey – from day-to-day operations to strategic direction setting. This move is a testament to our commitment to creating positive change in the industry and beyond.”

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