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Seam felts for sensitive paper grades

May 3, 2018  By P&PC staff

May 3, 2018 – Infinity FineLine is the latest extension of the Voith Infinity series for packaging papers, board and graphic paper grades. High dewatering efficiency and long service lives have contributed to the success of the Voith Infinity series.

The Infinity FineLine offers an ideal solution for sensitive applications like tissue or specialty papers. The modular structure of the press fabrics allows easy adaption to any requirement.

With its new FineLine module, Voith is further expanding its range of Infinity fabrics. With these new products, a particularly fine loop structure was developed and the seam zone was enhanced. FineLine is mainly used in the tissue and specialty paper segment. The new press felt is available as endless and seam product.


Infinity FineLine debuts with minimized seam loops that reduce marking potential, even in the finest papers. As with all Infinity products, the seam loops in FineLine also have an identical loop length, roundness and spacing. This makes the closure simple and enables machine downtimes to be reduced by up to 25 per cent.

A combination of Infinity FineLine and twisted yarns has proven advantageous in sensitive applications. The twisted yarns ensure better batt fibre anchorage. As a result, the paper producer benefits from consistent performance over the entire service life. At the same time, Infinity FineLine is specifically energy efficient through its low density.

For more information, contact a local sales representative and/or email: paperNA@voith.com for a contact within North America.

Cohesive range for all requirements
Alongside FineLine, the Infinity series also includes the ToughLine range of fabrics which Voith designed specifically for extreme environments. These conditions occur, for example, when manufacturing board and packaging papers, where the felts are continuously exposed to heat or abrasive materials. The use of Infinity press fabrics for the production of graphic papers is also constantly increasing.

“Our Infinity series offers the best press felts portfolio for all paper machine requirements,” Anne Klaschka, global product manager, Press Fabrics at Voith, said.

The modular structure of the fabrics means that they can be tailored optimally to customer requirements.

The Infinity series is part of the PressMax portfolio of the Voith AdvancedPRODUCTS range. It provides paper makers with a combination of coordinated components to improve the performance of their paper machines.

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