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April 20, 2022
Hall of Fame 2022: Honouring the legends of the pulp and paper industry


April 12, 2022
Greener roads with a natural byproduct from pulp manufacturing

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March 29, 2022
Pressing matters: Optimizing pressing operations in pulp and paper manufacturing

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March 9, 2022
Breaking biases: Women in Forestry Virtual Summit tackle difficult questions

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March 3, 2022
Leveraging experiences to inspire change: Q&A with Cynthia Larose, plant manager at Cascades Recovery+

FeaturesQ & AWomen in Forestry

March 3, 2022
Learning to grow: Q&A with Khushbu Vandara, environmental supervisor at Paper Excellence

FeaturesWomen in Forestry

March 3, 2022
#BreakTheBias: Addressing the gender stereotypes in forestry and beyond

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March 2, 2022
Persevering to achieve success: Q&A with Shabnam Sanaei, director of bio-innovation and technology at Canfor

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March 1, 2022
Leading fearlessly: Q&A with Emily Dou, new product development supervisor at Domtar

FeaturesQ & AWomen in ForestryWorkforce

February 28, 2022
Being a change-maker: Q&A with Kelly Parfitt, manager of engineering and capital for Canfor Pulp


February 15, 2022
Nominations now open for P&PC’s Top 10 Under 40 contest

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February 15, 2022
Towards net zero


February 8, 2022
Save the date for Women in Forestry Virtual Summit 2022!

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February 1, 2022
Opinion: Moving towards a net zero, zero-carbon future


January 26, 2022
Opinion : Roll on, roll off


January 18, 2022
The Winter 2022 digital edition of P&PC is available now!

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December 9, 2021
Present at our 2022 Women in Forestry Virtual Summit


December 7, 2021
New book calls ‘BS’ on common anti-forestry claims


November 30, 2021
Editorial: Hi there! It’s my pleasure to introduce myself as the new editor of P&PC


November 23, 2021
Opinion: Sustainable bioproducts in concrete

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November 16, 2021
PacWest 2021: First virtual conference a success


November 9, 2021
Incentives to innovate: Leveraging SR&ED tax credits for driving innovation in the pulp and paper industry


November 2, 2021
New kid on the block: Red Leaf Pulp adds wheat straw into the mix


October 25, 2021
Creating value with lignin through research and innovation


October 19, 2021
An industry transformed: the pulp and paper workforce reacts to ongoing changes


September 20, 2021
Pulp and paper’s future leaders: Meet Leonardo Gomez

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September 13, 2021
Pulp and paper’s future leaders: Meet Mahima Sharma


September 7, 2021
Pulp and paper’s future leaders: Meet Andrew Wasik